Port Saint Lucie, Florida 35,000 square feet industrial buildings

Purchased from a lender, the property was improved and leased, creating a positive cash flow.

Jacksonville, Florida 264 unit garden apartment community

Physical improvements were completed, the property was renamed and leased.

Concord, New Hampshire 30,000 square foot retail

This building was leased to and then sold to Goodwill Industries.

Paducah, Kentucky 96,000 square foot retail building

This leasehold position is leased to Kmart.

Orlando, Florida 246 unit garden apartment community

This property was renovated and leased.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 687 acres plus 105,000 square foot building

Purchased at the LTV Steel bankruptcy auction. The building was sold to a user and the land sold to a developer.

Groton, Connecticut 165 unit garden apartment complex

This property was upgraded, renamed and leased

East Islip, New York 110,000 square foot shopping center

Purchased from a bank, this property was renovated and leased.

New London, Connecticut 171 unit garden apartment complex

Purchased from a bank, this property was totally renovated, renamed and leased.

Gurnee, Illinois

80,000 square foot retail property leased to Value City.