Corporate Philosophy

Integrity, Relationships, Results

Integrity and Commitment

From the beginning, Sun Management Corporation’s philosophy has been to create mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved; the investor, the business, the tenant, and the community.
Sun Management’s investment strategy has been the purchase of existing buildings, at below replacement cost. Often these properties have experienced vacancies and physical neglect with declining economic and social value to the area. Sun is committed to enhancing the value of these selected properties through physical improvements to a property followed by an aggressive leasing campaign and attentive management


Sun Management seeks out and cultivates relationships with area businesses and professionals to assist with the repair, improvement, management and marketing of the property. Those relationships are critical to the mutual success of Sun Management and local communities.


The result of this kind of win-win partnership is neighborhood improvement while generating profits. Local businesses are hired, and new tenants are brought into the area, which promote economic activity and increased property values. This formula has brought years of loyalty from tenants and investors alike.