Acquisition Criteria

Viability, Size and Location


Every SMC project is evaluated carefully to determine its economic viability in the short and long term. Sun examines the area where the property is located, the extent of repair and improvements, the likelihood of lease procurement, cash flow projections, and future development prospects.


Commercial: Sun handles a wide range of commercial and retail property from 10,000 Sq Ft to 120,000 Sq Ft; from $500,000 to $10,000,000.

Apartments: A minimum of 50 apartments within 50 miles of Brewster, NY. Minimum of 100 if outside that radius.


Sun Management currently focuses exclusively in the United States. Their primary area of interest is the East Coast, from Florida to New Hampshire. However, Sun will consider other locations as well if key relationships with area managers and brokers are within reach.

Please see our “Acquired Properties” page for a full list of our properties.